Our Quality

Specially-trained Quality Assurance Specialists monitor the washing process for consistency, conducting audits throughout the process. Hotelier Laundry’s comprehensive Quality Assurance Program guarantees that our customers and their guests receive the highest quality products available with maximum regard for safety.

A key factor in ensuring your linen’s freshness, softness and whiteness, is the quality of the water used in the process. That is why we condition our water. “Hard” water contains significant amounts of minerals (usually calcium and magnesium), which cause a scum to form when soap is used. Consequently, detergents and shampoos do not lather as well and are less effective.

In many cases, additional chemicals will be required, resulting in increased environmental pollution and a shorter linen life. Therefore, by conditioning the water, we help extend the life of your products and deliver consistently clean, soft, and brighter linen. In addition, by French-folding your towels and small piece items, which uses air blast (not blades), we take better care of your terrycloth items.

Our Approach

Serving our customers involves more than merely laundering linens. We believe in a true partnership approach. We take an active role in assisting our accounts with linen inventory and par management. By providing linen utilization reports, which are reviewed with the hotel’s key managers, we monitor linen replacements to ensure a proper circulation of inventory.

Our Commitment

  • Passion to exceed your expectations, with the highest quality service.
  • Flexibility to adapt to your needs, operation and
  • Reliability – you can count on us to deliver on our
    commitments every time, all the time.