Our Partners

Hotelier's passion is reflected in the partners and vendors we have selected in order to fully integrate our facility with your properties, offering a new standard of excellence. Our vision is to create raving fans of our customers, partners, employees and suppliers.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), registered laundry sanitizer certified With over 400 scientists, 303 U.S. patents and 1,410 foreign patents, ECOLAB provide outstanding support Laboratory analysis of linen Softrol Catalyst system, which allows access to data collected of tunnel system Chemical metering and injection formulas, system motoring and report system that provides precise chemical to linen Effective and efficient cleaning, food safety and infection control program Reduction of chemicals and waste released to the environment. Strengthened by the expertise of our associates and combined with our dedication to social responsibility.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), created by the US Green Building Council, is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. AquaRecycle's state of the art technology reclaims 100% of the wastewater. The recycle process removes lint, minute solids, organic, detergents, surfactants, oil and grease, odor, and other contaminant's. The recycled water is then disinfected and ready to use again. The only water lost in the process is that which is lost through evaporation, or approximately 10% or total water usage, and a small amount of recycled water used to backwash the filters periodically. The temperature of the clean, recycled water will be about the same temperature of the wastewater, typically around 120 degrees.

The patented process begins with the removal of suspended solids to under 2 microns. We then filter the laundry wastewater through our proprietary blend of media to remove soaps, organic, free oil and grease, odors, chlorine, detergents and other contaminant's in the process water. The final process uses low-pressure ultraviolet light and ozone to disinfect the process water. Recycled water is returned for reuse, clean and disinfected, at an average temperature of 120 degrees.

Water Treatment Basics

There are several water treatment methods on the market. The most effective and efficient method is water softening, using reverse osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis Water Softening. This process is also called positive ion exchange, because its methodology is based on removing the calcium and magnesium ions by exchanging them for sodium ions. Tanks containing resin beads rinsed with sodium (salt) are installed. Hard water is channeled through the tank, where the minerals are attracted to the resin beads and cling to them. At the same time, sodium ions are displaced—hence, the term “exchange.” Eventually the resin beads will become saturated with minerals and will need to be regenerated with fresh sodium. The softening system has a control valve that directs the process of flushing minerals out and adding sodium back to the resin beads.

Filtration. Some minerals and contaminants can be removed by a filtration system. Water passes through a bed which removes small particles by trapping them in a polymer membrane. These systems must be backwashed periodically to removed accumulated sediment.

Centrex system is the world’s leading linen management system for today’s hotels and also the first that is fully internet based. The system accurately records and tracks linen deliveries, linen inventories and linen cost. Hotels can access a wide range of valuable reports which allow the tracking of unit usage. Allocation of unit cost, analysis of unit performance potentially big dollar savings through inventory optimization. Usage data can be entered through PC. There is a wide range of user management functions including stock, inventory, departments, par levels plus wide range of line costing options. The extensive range of reports are available in either printed or excel format, and easily accessible anywhere you have internet available providing you meet the required security. A range of graphs are also available.

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